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be quiet! apresenta novas fontes, caixas e dois dissipadores em Las Vegas

A be quiet! apresentou novos produtos na CES 2020, entre eles uma fonte de topo e duas atualizações na gama Shadow Rock e Pure Rock dos seus dissipadores. Uma novidade para a marca é entrarem no mercado de caixas de alto airflow, ao ter uma frontal em rede com capacidade para alimentar três ventoinhas de 140mm Pure Wings 2.

Nota de imprensa

Glinde, January 9th, 2020 – be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany since 2007*, presents a whole suite of new products this week in Las Vegas. Dark Power Pro 12 aims to reclaim the crown as one of the best-performing power supplies on the market, while the company enters new territory with Pure Base 500DX, a high-airflow variant of the popular Pure Base 500 with addressable RGB LED lighting. On top of that, the Shadow Rock 3 and Pure Rock 2 CPU coolers offer significant improvements over their predecessors.

Dark Power Pro 12: Cutting-edge technology and performance

Dark Power Pro 12 is the first be quiet! power supply with 80 PLUS Titanium certification and up to 94.9 percent efficiency. On top of its high efficiency rating, Dark Power Pro 12 features fully digital power regulation and is the first power supply unit from be quiet! to use this technology. A patented frameless Silent Wings 135mm fan and funnel-shaped air intake make sure its high-end components are kept cool and operate virtually inaudibly. The power supply comes in a full high-quality aluminum case, includes single-sleeved cables and a 10-year warranty. Dark Power Pro 12 with 1200 and 1500 watts are scheduled for a launch in February 2020.

Pure Base 500DX: High-airflow case with ARGB LEDs

Pure Base 500 is the perfect PC case for anyone who prefers a simple, sleek look and low noise. Pure Base 500DX expands on that concept by offering an advanced design with high airflow, thanks to a third Pure Wings 2 140mm fan and air-permeable mesh front. A lighting concept with separately addressable RGB LEDs inside and outside the case sets the mood and can be controlled via the motherboard; alternatively, six different colors and four predefined lighting modes can be selected with a button on the front I/O panel. Pure Base 500DX comes in black or white coating, is exclusively available with a side panel window, features a front panel USB 3.1 Type C Gen. 2 connector, and is expected to land in stores in March 2020.

Shadow Rock 3: Impressive cooling power with an elegant look

Shadow Rock 3 boasts a cooling performance for processors with up to 190 watts TDP thanks to its large heat sink, five 6mm high-performance nickel-plated copper heat pipes with direct touch (HDT), and a Shadow Wings 2 120mm PWM high-speed fan. The CPU cooler is perfect for users in need of high performance at low operating noise, who are not ready yet to invest in a flagship CPU cooler. Simple design elements like an aluminum top cover with bi-color surface treatment, an asymmetrical layout that leaves room for high RAM modules in front of the cooler, and easy top-mounting (screwdriver included) are the signature features of this cooler. The market launch is anticipated for April 2020.

Pure Rock 2: Quiet and effective cooling at the entry-level

With four high-performance 6mm heat pipes and a Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan, Pure Rock 2 is capable of cooling processors with a rated TDP of up to 150 watts. This successor to the entry-level CPU cooler from be quiet! offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio, high cooling performance for mainstream processors, and low noise operation. Its asymmetrical construction avoids blocking memory slots on mainstream motherboards and the cooler is easily mounted from the top. Pure Rock 2 will be available in silver and black at the projected launch date in April 2020.

* Source: GfK Panel Market Germany, sales units internal computer power supplies, January 2019

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